Redirecting My Focus

Those of you who follow my tumblr blog have probably noticed that I haven’t posted to it in over a month, save for the scarce reblog. My last post was also brief and vague, but fear not; I am alive and well.

A number of factors have contributed to my lack of presence online, the largest of which is “the real world.” It’s sometimes difficult for pagans — especially those whose sole connection with other pagans is through the Internet — to remember that the mundane world is just as a part of our lives as the inner, spiritual one is. And this mundane world includes things and people often unrelated to our spiritual worlds: family, non-pagan friends, school, work, and ourselves. These past few weeks, I paid particular attention to those mundane things (which probably do not deserve to be called “mundane,” as they are as vital to our existences as gods and spirits are).

But also, ever since my revelation in June, I’ve realized that I need less of a presence in the tumblr pagan community and more of a presence in the one in the real world. And if I’m going to network with pagans at events and conferences, I need to step up my “professional” presence. Not that I’m planning to make this into my career, but all people hoping to make a lasting effect benefit from a sleek website and a set of business cards.

The result? I am closing down this free WordPress blog. I have set up my home base as version 2.0 of my death work website, The Sacred Bones, and will make new blog posts there. However, I plan to keep this blog available as an archive of past posts. I will do the same with my tumblr blog. Going forward, though, please follow me at and contact me through The Sacred Bones.